Our Value Chain

Facade & Fenestration Projects


Project Planning

  • When the project gavel falls, the AIPL team huddles up—a symphony of minds—to orchestrate a flawless delivery. Their meticulous planning and synchronized efforts ensure that every scheduled milestone is not just met, but surpassed



  • Following the planning phase, each team commences their work. Our experienced Design team takes charge of the system details, shop drawings, and subsequent releases.



  • Within the intricate tapestry of our ventures, Alumayer weaves together an alliance of premier suppliers. Their harmonious collaboration fuels our pursuit of excellence, ensuring that every project thread is spun with quality and precision.



  • Within the walls of our cutting-edge factory, where innovation hums in harmony with precision, our seasoned team orchestrates bespoke solutions for every facet of our clients’ architectural dreams. From glass to steel, from vision to reality, Alumayer’s expertise weaves a seamless facade tapestry.