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Enhancing skylines for over
5 decades

Our Vision

At Alumayer India, we don’t merely envision the future; we shape it. Our unwavering vision is to establish ourselves as a global manufacturing hub within the architectural facades industry. But it’s not just about scale—it’s about excellence, innovation, and sustainability. We see a world where our creations adorn skylines, redefine aesthetics, and stand as testaments to human ingenuity.

Key Elements of Our Vision:

  1. Global Reach: We aspire to transcend borders, collaborating with architects, builders, and visionaries worldwide. Our footprints will span continents, leaving an indelible mark on iconic structures.
  2. Manufacturing Mastery: Alumayer India will be synonymous with precision engineering. Our factories will hum with creativity, producing bespoke facade systems that seamlessly blend form and function.
  3. Sustainability: Our vision extends beyond today. We commit to sustainable practices—materials that endure, designs that conserve energy, and processes that respect our planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is our compass—a guiding star that directs every decision, every endeavor. We don’t settle; we elevate. Here’s what fuels our mission:

Elevating Design Solutions:

  • Collaboration: Architects, consultants, and clients converge in our design studio. We listen, we ideate, and we transform visions into blueprints. Our mission? To enhance the industry’s design landscape.
  • Business Best Practices: We don’t cut corners; we carve excellence. Our mission is to apply business acumen, ensuring that every solution aligns with industry standards and surpasses expectations.
  • Precision Execution: Our engineers wield precision like artists. From glass panels to steel frames, we execute flawlessly. The devil’s in the details, and we’ve made a pact with perfection.
  • Innovative Leadership: We don’t follow trends; we set them. Our leaders inspire, disrupt, and reimagine. Innovation isn’t an option; it’s our heartbeat.

Our Core Values

At Alumayer India, our core values aren’t mere words—they’re our DNA. They guide our actions, define our culture, and resonate in every aluminum profile we shape:

  1. FOCUS: We fix our gaze on excellence. Every rivet, every joint matters. Our focus ensures that our facades stand tall, unwavering against time and elements.
  2. INTEGRITY: Our handshake is our bond. We uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct. Our integrity is non-negotiable.
  3. EMPATHY: Behind every facade lies a story—a client’s dream, an architect’s vision. We listen, we empathize, and we create with heart.
  4. TEAMWORK: Alone, we’re good; together, we’re unstoppable. Our teams collaborate, celebrate victories, and shoulder challenges. Teamwork isn’t a buzzword; it’s our foundation.

Our Vision

At Alumayer, our vision is to position ourselves as a global manufacturing hub within the architectural facades industry, driven by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable practices. 

We strive to achieve unparalleled performance while maintaining a steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Our Mission new

To enhance and deliver design solutions provided to the industry through the application of business best practices, precision execution and innovative leadership. 


  • Execution

    We are experts in managing the project delivery process. One of the reasons for our success in timely delivery is our long-term relationships with suppliers, developers, general contractors, and architects. Our operations team’s focus and aim is to be committed to schedule, quality, and costs to ensure we deliver the project scope on time.

  • Manufacturing

    A fabrication facility of over 390,000 sq ft and qualified domestic suppliers help us achieve manufacturing excellence. We assemble in-house as well as the final assembly occurs within close proximity to the site. Due to this approach, we are able to achieve flexibility in delivery.execution

  • Design

    Alumayer is skilled in producing custom, prefabricated building enclosure systems. This process begins with planning, concept design and engineering team seasoned in collaboration with architects, consultants, general contractors, and owners.

  • Planning

    At Alumayer, no project begins without a through analysis and planning of the project stages. At this stage al our teams including the architects, suppliers, design engineering and technical engineers are on board to plan the successful and timely completion of the project scope while adhering to quality and safety standards.

Our Values

A successful business starts with a reliable contractor


We work together, across boundaries, to exceed the expectations of our customers and deliver projects successfully.


We value our employees, clients and vendors and encourage their development and reward their performance.


We believe in knowing and doing what is right. While learning more.


We set trends. We inspire the market.