Suspended Access Equipments :

Alumayer has developed building maintenance units (BMU) for the cleaning and maintenance of buildings, as well as temporary suspended platforms (TSP) for the use of operators in the construction, cladding, painting, maintenance and refurbishment of buildings, bridges, chimneys and other structures.

Building Maintenance Units (BMU)
BMUs are a permanent installation of a specific building or structure, usually consisting of a platform, suspended from a suspension rig such as a trolley unit with hoist, which operates either on rails or on a suitable surface, e.g. concrete track. Monorails with traversing trolleys or other suspension rigs, e.g. davits, fixed to building, from which a platform may be suspended, are parts of a BMU.

Temporary Suspended platforms (TSP)
TSPs are installed temporarily for specific tasks, and consist of a platform and of a suspension - which are assembled prior to use. They are dismantled and removed and removed and removed from the site on completion of the work.

Suspended Access
Suspended Access

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