Structural Glass Systems :

Alumayer has accumulated vast experience in the design and installation of the following systems :

Suspended assemblies :

This system combines specially processed and toughened glass panes, bolted together at the corners by means of small metal patch fittings. Pane-to-pane joints are sealed with a silicone sealant. Toughened glass stabilizers provide each vertical joint with lateral stiffness to counter wind loading.Such assemblies are suspended from the building structure by hangers bolted to the top edge.

Planar system :

A countersunk bolt fixing system designed to support the weight of the glass. Each pane is anchored separately by means of a weight bearing bolt that is inserted from the bush through a hole in the glass to the superstructure. It can be incorporated into single as well as with double glazed units.
strucutral glass
  strucutral glass
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