Curtain Walls :

Alumayer Designs and installs a vast range of curtain walls utilizing aluminum, glass and stone,integrating visible and non-visible windows, monolithic glass, double-glazing and laminated glass.

Alumayer offers a wide range of finish options-anodized, pigment color coatings and fluropolymer painted finishes.

Alumayer supplies the "stick system" facade as well as "unitized systems" in the following
applications :
curtain wall
 Exposed Decorative Capping (E.D.C)
A conventional aluminum cover profile that frames the glass panel from its four sides. The aluminum cover profiles are available in many on-the-shelf shapes as well as in custom-made profiles-
e.g : Alumayer CW 50
 Structural Glazing (S.G)
A smooth facade with no visible divisions on the outer surface.Each glass panel is glued with structural silicon to the frame in unique process, certified by "Dow Corning" and "General Electric" -
e.g : Alumayer CW 50 S.G
 Semi-structural Glazing (S.S.G)
  A combination of the conventional aluminum cover profile on the two opposite sides of the glass panel with the "frameless" structural glazing on the other two opposite sides.Alumayer offers both horizontal and vertical systems with a large variety features of the exterior profiles
e.g:Alumayer CW 50 S.S.G
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