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The Alumayer Group is a leading company in the field of aluminium finishing products and construction finishing services.

The Alumayer Group specializes in the planning, design and doors, acoustical and decorative ceilings and partitions, metal wall cladding and roof coverings, stone, granite & terracotta coverings for commercial and residential structures.

Alumayer Group factories are equipped with the best and most advanced technology, making use of advanced computer assisted systems and executing strict quality control in accordance with ISO-9000, in order to guarantee the production of top quality products.

The Alumayer Group was established in Israel in 1964 by the Klinger family and has been a public company since 1992. Alumayer has been evolved during the last 35 years in more than 3000 projects throughout Israel and worldwide.

The Alumayer Group, specializes in the implementation of international standards to extensive production volumes and is capable of executing any required task according to strict customer demands and special climatic conditions. Alumayer furnishes its customers with technical service support as well as offering a comprehensive guarantee.

The plant was established in Israel in 1964 and is well equipped with the best and the most advance technology. It has advanced compute systems for installing and strict quality control in accordance with ISO – 9000 assuring the production of top – scale quality products.

Alumayer has been a public company since 1992. It has performed numerous public, private commercial and residential constructions projects in Israel and worldwide.

All products installed by Alumayer are the combined development of the company engineers and giant metal industries in USA and Europe. These have been developed and improved over the years to their complete compliance with customer and marker demands in Israel and worldwide.Alumayer has specialized in operating according to international standards and in extensive volumes. It is capable of executing any required task according to customer and special climate conditions. The company accompanies its customers with technical services and a comprehensive guarantee.

Alumayer represents international firms in its area of expertise. The company offers technical services for architects and planners in all areas and in all stages of constructions.

The company engineers offers extensive know – how and cumulative experience in system development, planning and production of walls, ceilings and partitions that meet the specifications of the most advance global construction techniques and comply with the demands of the strictest standards.

The company holds additional joint ventures in other countries such as :
Nigeria, Jordan, Romania, Bulgaria, London, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Germany for the provision of aluminium installation and glass.

Alumayer interacts closely with its oversea counterparts by providing products stands and design concepts. As every new project has its won particular technical requirements, its ability to stimulate and receive ideas and concepts to and from other countries ensures that Alumayer walling technology will remain at the forefront in the market place.

Alumayer has involved in the last 30years in more than 1800 projects as installer and contractor for the aluminum work and specially has accomplished several high – class hotel, office building, public projects in Israel and worldwide. (Russia, South – America, Europe, Africa)

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